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HONEY Collection

Multiple honey variants

100% Pure

No preservatives added

Finest Quality Honey

For better health & wellness

We are
and we are passionate
about Honey,
all the synonyms
of Honesty
are very true
to our Honey.

HONEY, the BLESSINGS of nature to us, a greatest ELIXIR of Life and a very UNIQUE food source, should be collected & served in its purest form. We believe this and so we serve our customers with 100% Pure, All natural, Raw, Unprocessed honey. The Honey is collected by Honey Bees through a miraculous process gifted to them by Nature. Bees collects Honey seasonally from farms spread all over India. Our path is different from many as we produce and serve only pure Honey to avail its health benefits. We pride ourselves for serving best quality Honey products to our society for better health, living & wellness. At the same time we wish to represent the Honey Bee Ethically, that is the reason our Honey is straight from bees to our customers.

Honey is one of the foods which have religious significance. Hindus consider Bee’s Honey as one of the five Elixirs of Immortality (Panchamruta). Honey is poured over the statues of deities in a ritual called ‘Madhu Abhisheka’. Buddhists in India, celebrate a festival called ‘Madhu Purnima’ by giving Bee’s Honey to Monks. This is to commemorate the offering of Honey by a monkey to Lord Buddha when he retreated to wilderness due to a dispute among his disciples. In Jewish tradition, Honey is the symbol of new year, ‘Rosh Hashana’. Traditionally slices of apples dipped in Honey are eaten to bring a sweet new year. In Islam, Prophet Mohammad strongly recommended Honey for healing purposes and Quran promotes it as a Nutritious and Healthy food. This Honey has wide and vivid values as a Medicine, Cosmetic, Nutrient and a Preservative