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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Honey

We believe Natural things like Honey should be consumed as they are presented to us by Nature or Bees. Honey a Greatest Elixir, if consumed in its purest form can help us for the Health, Wellness, Beauty and more. Honey has great Credits & Mentions in all Religious holy books for its ability to Bless humans in various ways, we believe this and all our these tiny efforts are to make Honey available to our society in all Natural, Raw and Purest of form.

Our Company

We are working with team of Beekeepers in India. Our Honey is collected straight from the farms spread throughout India where      the Bee colony & boxes are set for harvesting of Honey. Depending on seasonal crops the colonies are set near the farms of crops  for the harvesting & collection of the Flavour and Fragrance of that crop, for say Sunflower Honey gets collected from the Sunflower fields where bee colonies were set for harvesting.

We are presenting the greatest collection from Nature and we believe it should reach people in its real form. We wants to represent the Honey Bee – a tiny marvel of nature in a Ethical way, and that is HONESTY HONEY.

We have a Great confidence in the Quality of our product and we are Proud of that. We believe in our Indian Values, Ancient Indian Ayurveda and practices and so we, the INDI PRIDE NATURALS COMPANY,
are committed to serve our society
with best of our products.

Our Mission

Celebrate the Greatness of Nature (through our products) and Connect it to where it will go (say our consumers) with Purity, Purpose and Pride.

Our Values

We believe in creating value for humanity should not be an after thought but a Core Business Strategy